| Terminal Building Concept Design & Planning – Completed in 2013 |

Area: 230,000 SF existing areas impacted, 160,000 SF of proposed new construction

Jomo Kenyata International Airport (JKIA) is Kenya’s largest aviation facility and the busiest in East Africa serving as a major hub for cargo and passengers. When the airport first opened in 1958 it had been designed for a maximum capacity of 2.5 million passengers per year. By 2006 it was handling 4.4 million and it is projected by 2024 it will be handling over 9 million passengers per year. After a fire that completely destroyed the arrivals building in 2013 and temporarily suspended operations at the airport, this study was commissioned to provide alternatives to prolong the facilities usefulness until at least 2024 and improve the level of service to make it the premier regional hub in East Africa.